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General Quiz-15! The New Year Quiz!

Here we have 13 questions to end the year.Try them out and wish you guys a happy new year!

Q1.This plant belongs to the fabacea family.The wood of this plant is durable and flexible,therefore it is used to make bows and other instruments.It derives its name from the bright red wood that the tree provides.The Portuguese noticed that the tree sparkles orange red and gave it the name X.Thus,the tree lends its name to one of the most famous countries of which it is native and is found in plenty along the coast line.

Q2.It was first held on the September 15th in Carpenters Hall.It consisted delegates from the 13 districts.It initially dealt with issues such as the Intolerable Act and the blockade at port of Boston.Which famous group am I talking about?

Q3.The reason why we here of X is that X was a blind giant who was in the service of Artemis.He began to like Artemis.Her brother Apollon tricked him and thus got him killed.Another story says Artemis killed X as he harassed her attendant Opius.Thus,X got a permanent place in the stars.Who am I talking about?

Q4.The treaties of Astrolabe is a book which tells us in detail about how to use the astrolabe.The book was written so that the authors son Lewis would know how to use it.Which famous person was the author of this treatise?

Q5.The word X literally means "a guardsmen" in Arabic and "seaman" in Portuguese.This word is used to refer to the boats men who were widely employed by the Britishers or Europeans in general.They recruited them as military men.Who am I referring to?

Q6.X was Y's constant companion and also supported his marriage to Khadijah.He was born in the year of the elephant,same as Y.He was Y's most famous companion and faithful from his four followers.Identify X and Y.

Q7.X is a sports bar that derives it's name from the rare feat in which a player steals forty bases and scores 40 home runs.It houses various baseball memorabilia and old baseball based momentos.It has been growing over the years and has a number of branches.Who is the owner of this bar-franchise?

Q8.X got the idea for Y when she saw a cat which had a squashed up face.She described that , "the poor cat was homeless and it looked like it had run into a wall".She claims that Y  is half Kneazle,an intelligent, cat who can detect when they are around untrustworthy people, explaining his higher than normal cat intelligence and stature.Who are X and Y,

Q9.X was founded by Indrani Mukerjea in 2007 through two companies.Their flagship product also named X,churns out Bollywood music and news and is broadcasted by zee network.

Q10.The video of the song X was based on the movie "28 days later".It features an actress from the movie too.At the beginning of the song it's creators wanted to subtly pay tribute to the song and mentioned its name.Which song am I talking about?

Q11.Which word does samosapedia define like this-
Big passtime game played by kids. Two people stand with their hands locked together above their heads and sing a song. The other kids pass from under that bridge and the one who gets caught (when the hands come down like a cage at the end of the song) is out.

Q12.X's great grandfather had travelled from Ireland to England where he set up his house and began to live there.He was a descendant Robert d'Isigny, a Frenchman who had travelled to England with William the Conqueror in 1066.Who is X?

Q13.Gordon Foster was an Irish computational engineer, statistician, professor, and college dean who is widely known for devising, in 1965 X in the trinity college.What did he develop?

Monday, December 30, 2013

Business quiz 3

Business Quiz 
Q1.He was the wealthiest man in Central Europe in the early 20th century.He owned 170 companies and was instrumental in the creation of BMW AG.He was nicknamed  “Austrian Stinnes".Who am I describing?

Q2.Which Indian firm has been launching schemes like the "Knowledge on Wheels" and "Project Saraswati" in order to help enabling more education and it's propagation in the society?

Q3.Established in the year 1950 , X is a very famous award established under the guidance of JUSE , it is being given in Japan and it's yearly prize distribution is telecasted on Japanese national TV.Which famous award am I talking about?

Q4.By the 1936 Summer Olympics, X drove from Bavaria on one of the world's first motorways to the Olympic village with a suitcase full of his products and persuaded U.S. sprinter Jesse Owens to use them, the first sponsorship for an African American. Which famous man the founder of an extremely famous company?

Q5.easy one-
This term is generally used in order to describe the situation when companies try to reach out to customers through television,radios etc in order to sell their products.What is this procedure called?

Q6.X is a Chinese state-owned automobile manufacturer headquartered in Wuhan, China.It was earlier called second automobile and is really famous for its tie ups with companies like Citroen and Peugeot.Identify this company.

Q7.X was a bank incorporated in London in 1853 by Scotsman James Wilson, under a Royal Charter from Queen Victoria.It opened its offices in Mumbai and many other places and began dealing with Hong Kong dollars.Easy one.Which banks origin is thus?

Q8.Holderbank is a municipality in Switzerland which is the birth place of a really giant comment manufacturing company.Which multinational company am I talking about?

Q9.Clergymen are simply defined as the head of a religious body or institution.Though a very famous term in business derives it's name from this which refers to a person conducting the daily or general tasks for a person or a company.What am I talking about?

Raaga Professional
Garden Namkeens
Connect them.

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Current Affairs Quiz

Current affairs quiz

Watch out as we dish to you a quiz which spans 13 questions (the lucky number) on the news in the last two months let us see who reads their papers more thoroughly! Take the challenge!

Q1.Which famous person who passed away in the last month had described in his famous autobiography the atrocities he had to face when he was a child being a Dalit.He describes how they were not allowed to touch a glass in an exam and drink water as they would contaminate it.Which famous writer am I talking about?

Q2.THiNK is a literary event which is conducted by a company called thinkworks inc..The event is backed by X and the founder of X's relatives founded thinkworks.Which "sensational" organisation does X refer to?

Q3.Bent Larsen is a Danish author and has written an extremely famous book Find the plan.This book has been an inspiration and turning point for which world famous Danish man?

Q4.With hashtags saying #WeCantWait, the United Nations general assembly declared 19th November as what day ?

Q5.The Mumbai university on 16th December this year released a Ek Aatmachintan.It was written by justice D.Chandasheshekhar and edited by the chancellor of MU.What does the book deal with?

Q6.In Dresden ,Germany a group of scientists headed by Oliver Schidmt in Integrative Nanosciences created the first X which can swim through viscous fluids,they can help in medicine delivery and are completely harmless in nature thus advancing science by another degree .What was created?

Q7.If bossa nova and carnavalesca are the losers,who is the winner?

Q8.Indirect question: 
Centaurea cyanus, or the cornflower is the national flower of Germany and Estonia,but it recently gained fame because it was used as a pseudonym by a very famous person.Whom am I talking about?

Q9."Thanks for allowing me to start this wonderful second innings of my life and serve to the best of my ability. This is an innings that is really really important to me, so I will try my best".Who talking about what?

Q10.X was code named Baku.It literally translates to "As brave as the sun".Its motto is strike hard strike far.Launched on November 16th 2013,what am I talking about?

Q11. X was bouncer in a bar while visiting a working-class parish on the outskirts of Rome on Sunday.Recently coming in the newspapers with the headlines "If St.Peter guards the pearly gates, X guards bars".

Q12.On 29 November 2003 an event called the 46664 Concert was held at Green Point Stadium, Cape Town.  its goal was to raise awareness of the spread of HIV/AIDS in South Africa.Who heads it and give funda.

Q13.Give me the funda and details about this particular even and identify this man.
Post your answers in the comments below . The answers to this quiz would be posted in 3 days . It is not necessary for you to know all the answers . Singular/Multiple answers can be posted .

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

General Quiz 14 !

1 . There is a well-known myth about the word X, which says that in 1791 a Dublin theater owner named James Daly made a bet that he could introduce a word into the language within twenty-four hours. He then went out and hired a group of street urchins to write the word X, which was a nonsense word, on walls around the city of Dublin. Within a day, the word was common currency and had acquired a meaning (since no one knew what it meant, everyone thought it was some sort of test) and Daly had some extra cash in his pocket. However, there is no evidence to support the story, and the term was already in use before the alleged bet in 1791 . Identify the term X . You definately know about this term !

2. This is a still from the Movie Raja Harishchandra (1913) . What is fishy about it ?

3.One of Google's annual services named X , the service's official 2013  video started with these , expressing these events .... Id X . 

4. This is a Pakistani Ambulance service named Edhi . What is so special about this service ?

5. This was given  as a memento  toX  . What was this coin used for actually (Y) . 
                                                 (Its not that tough! A simple answer) 

6.X Restaurant is a vegetarian restaurant located in Bangalore, India. It was founded in 1924. It has also been featured on television in the travel-related series, Globe Trekker. It is said that once a Chief Minister of Karnataka stood in a queue to have masala dosa at this restaurant. The restaurant building comprises two floors. It is recommended to reserve a table for lunch since unreserved customers have to wait in a waiting room, sometimes for up to an hour. The food served at the X is a regular, wholesome Karnataka Brahmin fare and has its origins in the Udupi Brahmin cuisine of the coastal region of Karnataka. The decor is outdated, as more attention is paid to cleanliness and food quality than ambience. For many years, the customers entered the restaurant through the kitchen so that they would be able to satisfy themselves about the restaurant's cleanliness before they ate there. During World War II, X found it difficult to make idlis since rice was in short supply. According to X, they experimented with using semolina instead of rice and thus invented the very popular breakfast item of Rava idli.

7.What is this wearable attire called ? Its not so modern :P

8.Depiction of what ?

9.Name this currency (easiest)

10.  X has had over 40 pets including cats and dogs, horses, a panda, a lion cub, and a zebra. She has owned a wide range of vehicles, including pink Corvette convertibles, trailers, and jeeps. She also holds a pilot's license, and operates commercial airliners in addition to serving as a flight attendant. . Id X . 

   Post your answers in the comments below . The answers to this quiz would be posted in 3 days . It is not necessary for you to know all the answers . Singular/Multiple answers can be posted . 


Friday, December 6, 2013

KVRSS Quiz-Hyderabad.

1.  It is the first letter of the Greek Alphabet . In the system of Greek numerals it has a value of 1. (The question was longer than this , describing the characters . I dont remember exactly. )
Ans. Alpha 


Graph showing what ? Hint: REM(rapid eye movement)
Ans. Sleeping

3.Connect .

Ans . Retina ( the picture on the left is the Retina of the eye and the Device on the right has retina display)

4.Id the substance (XXXX)
dolomite + silica + water → XXXX + calcite + carbon dioxide
3 CaMg(CO3)2 + 4 SiO2 + H2O → Mg3Si4O10(OH)2 + 3 CaCO3 + 3 CO2

serpentine + carbon dioxide → XXXX + magnesite + water
2 Mg3Si2O5(OH)4 + 3CO2 → Mg3Si4O10(OH)2 + 3 MgCO3 + 3 H2O

Ans. Talcom Powder

5. It is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances (using short-wavelength radio transmissions in the ISM band from 2400–2480 MHz) from fixed and mobile devices, creating personal area networks (PANs) with high levels of security . What am i talking about ?

Ans : Bluetooth
For More , go to hyderabadquizquestions.blogspot.com

                         The Prelims was High Scoring , the cutoff being 14 . We scored 19 , the highest

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TCS IT Wiz Delhi Prelims

Source : Techformatix

1.Identify this logo

2.In the context of the World Wide Web, this is a Uniform Resource Identifier(URI) that is stored for later retrieval in any of various storage formats.What?
3.In the world of e-mail retrieval protocols what dos IMAP stands for ?
Ans:Internet Message Access Protocol
4.Peter Stern was the founder of this company.It is a popular URL shortening and bookmarking service website.It came under some scrutiny due to its connection to Libiya.Name it
5.With which media company would you associate this ?

6.Expand PPM (With relation to Printers)
Ans:Pages Per Minute
7.Identify this person [hint: He is the inventor of GIF format]

Ans:Steve Wilhite
8.William Herschel discovered this invisible radiation, which is now used for short range transmission.What is it [some more info was given]
9.With which search engine did rapper Jay Z tie with for the launch of his book "Decoded"?
10.Identify this person

Ans:Dick Costolo
11.Plus is an interbank network that covers all _____ credit,debit, and prepaid cards, as well as ATM cards issued by various banks worldwide. Fill in the blank
12.Identify this technology

Ans:Augmented reality
13.The numerical weight that it assigns to any given element E is referred to as the ______ of E and denoted by PR(E). It was named after one of the founders of the company.What ?
14.With which gaming company would you associate this animal

Ans:Sega(This is the image of Hedgehog)
15.Who has been rated as “India’s most dangerous cricketer” by McAfee?
Ans:Chris Gayle
16.People were calling this problem as CDC (Century Date Change), FADL (Faulty Date Logic). The current name was given by David Eddy. Which problem?
Ans:Year 2000 (Y2K Problem)
17.Sony Pictures has tied up with which company to introduce a mobile game based on the movie 'After Earth' ?
18.Bichitra is a project with all the works and info of which author?
Ans:Rabindranath Tagore
19.Developed by Balendu Sharma Dadhich , X is a Devanagari word processor that complies with the InScript Devanagari Text Input Standard authenticated by the Government of India, the Unicode Consortium and Bureau of Indian Standards. It allows typing text in Indian languages, i.e. Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, Nepali and Konkani.What is X ?
20.S-schools is an initiative by which electronics giant for making education better in schools?

TCS IT Wiz Bangalore Prelims

TCS IT Wiz Bangalore Edition Prelims

Source: Brite in IT Quiz

1.What did Alex Oloitiptip of Kenya have to do with TCS in Bangalore ?
Ans:He won the TCS 10K Marathon
2.Identify the logo

 Ans:Sina Weibo
3.What does SMTP stands for ?
Ans: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
4.What is the full form of CERT ?
Ans: Computer Emergency Response Team
5.Identify this technology

Ans:RFID Credit Card
6.What was started by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little ?
7.What was initiated with "Me At The Zoo" ?
Ans:  Youtube (Me at the zoo is the first video uploaded on Youtube)
8.Whose April fool ad is this ?(Inflatable Laptop)

9.Who is this ?

Ans:Sundar Pichai
10.ICONIA B1 is the newest low cost tablet to be launched in the market. Which company has launched it ?
11.'10,000 startups', a program to look  for innovative technology start ups across the country has been launched by which industry body?
12.In Internet culture, the X rule is a rule of thumb pertaining to participation in an internet community.Identify X
Ans:1% rule
13.'Flip Ahead' is a feature which was launched on Internet Explorer. In which version did it released ?
Ans:Internet Explorer 10
14.What does JPEG stands for ?
Ans: Joint Photographic Experts Group
15.What is so special about the IBM Simon which was launched in the year 1992?
Ans:First Smart Phone
16.NMDC and IndusInd will replace SIEMENS and which other company in the 50-Share NIFTY benchmark with effect from April First.
17. X is a website and mobile app that uses social media analytics to rank its users according to online social influence via the "x Score", which is a numerical value between 1 and 100. In determining the user score, x measures the size of a user's social media network and correlates the content created to measure how other users interact with that content. What is X ?
18.Twitter has recently launched its own video capture service, which lets users take and post 6 second video films and embed them into their tweets. Name the app ?
Ans: Vine
19.It refers to uniquely identifiable objects (things) and their virtual representations in an internet-like structure. The term was first used by British technology pioneer Kevin Ashton in 1999. What term ?
Ans: Internet Of Things
20.Identify this device(hint:default tone of iPhone)

Ans:Marimba Jom

TCS IT Wiz Hyderabad Prelims

TCS IT Wiz -Hyderabad Edition prelims
 1.The logo consists of Nordic runes of the king initials. According to legend, the king gained his nickname due to his love for berries which stained his teeth. Identify the technology ?
Ans: Bluetooth
2.In the world of technology, what does the acronym BYOD stands for ?
Ans: Bring Your Own Device
3.It started in the year 1938 as a small trading company with forty employees located in Su-dong. It dealt in groceries produced in and around the city and produced its own noodles. Who is this electronics giant ?
4.While PB & J stands for peanut butter and jelly, now it also stands for Process,Bureaucracy & Jams. Which technology company started this concept?
Ans: Yahoo
5.Turing awards recipient, computer scientist John McCarthy, coined this term in 1956 which means 'the science and engineering of making intelligent machines'. What term ?
Ans:Artificial Intelligence
6.In the term mVoIP, VoIP stands for 'voice over Internet Protocol', What does 'm' stands for?
7.According to a Google 2012 study which movie toped the 'most searched movie in India' category ?
Ans:Ek Tha Tiger
8.Under the aegis of Mr. Sam Pitroda , this was started to provide thousands of students' access to the best online study material through its vision of connecting classrooms across India.They recently concluded their first public lecture series on the theme 'Democratizing Information, justice, equality and the rule of law' at Delhi University. What is being talked about ?
Ans: National Knowledge Commission
9.'Present Yourself' is the tagline of which company ?
Ans: Slideshare
10.According to wikipedia, this involves various aspects of farm management such as plowing land,planting, growing and harvesting corps, harvesting trees and bushes, and raising livestock. What ?
11.Logo of ?

Ans:Google Drive
12.Who invented this , hint: It is the first CRT

13.Identify this person

Ans:Som Mittal
14.According to the american dialect , Which word in IT was coined the word of the year 2012 ?
15.Identify the logo

Ans: Microsoft Pixelsense
16.Who wrote this book

Ans:Clayton Christensen
17.Identify the Social Networking Site
Hint:Acquired by Justin Timberlake recently

18.This is the method of retrieving another users data,such as personal details and credit card info. What?
19.Name the famous comic strip by Scott Adams which has now been digitized and is available for download

20.When someone pointed out that the tiny buttons on company's device looked like a collection of small seeds. Also the fact that the phones were manufactured only in black.Thus what name what given to the phone ?

Friday, November 29, 2013

The Tata Crucibles (Corporate) Delhi

Delhi city round External track
(6th October, 2013 Taj Palace, Delhi)
Here is the link for the complete quiz.It includes
1.The prelims
2.The finals

TCS IT WIZ Preparation : in Photos

1.What is this ?

2.What is this depicting / Ad for ?


3.What is this ? easy.

 4.What is this technology .

5. Id this techology . 

6. Which company's  phones ?

 7.Which company's product ? :P

8.  What exactly is this concept . Also name it .

9. Funda .

10.id the person in the pic . What technology is he using ?

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General quizzing-13

Q1.What do we call words which are given to certain ethnic groups and are of two types: exonyms and endonyms?

Q2.What was the nickname given by the southerners to the northerners who used to move to the south in the 19th century during the reconstruction era in reference to the kind of luggage they carried?

Q3.It was also known as the great mor and was a huge famine caused as there was severe shortage of potato due to effect of the common disease of potato blight.One third of the population were dependent on potatoes hence it wiped out a major part of the people.Where did this occur?

Q4.The origin of which word literally means "a white mass" in new Latin due to its appearance in chunks and it's whitish appearance?

Q5.The name of this place refers to the surroundings of it since it is surrounded by blue hills on all its sides , the hills are large hence they were a very important feature of the place.Which place are we talking about?

Q6."My left hook was a heat seeking missile, careening off his face and body time and again. Twice in the second round I knocked him to the canvas. But as I pounded away, I felt a jolt of pain shoot through my left arm. Oh damn, the thumb." Which famous incident is being referred to in this extract?

Q7.The term X, French for "black film,"first applied to Hollywood films by French critic Nino Frank in 1946, was unrecognized by most American film industry professionals of that era.Cinema historians and critics defined the category retrospectively. Before the notion was widely adopted in the 1970s, many of the classic X were referred to as melodramas.What is X here?

Q8.The term "X" implies a small islet or sandbar within a river (most often the Mississippi River) having a grouping or thicket of trees, and is often used in the Midwestern United States. Many rivers, if wide enough, can house considerably large islands. The term "X" was popularised by Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Q9.The city lies on the banks of the River Vashishti. To the east of the city lie the Western Ghats and to the west lies Guhagar. It translates to abode of parushurama.Identify the city .

Q10.Consistently losing chips through bad play, possibly resulting from tilt. When a player is consistently losing chips, they are "X chips."What is X ?

Saturday, November 16, 2013

General quizzing-12

Q1.X is a personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. She is also known as one of the goddesses of the sea and the sky. X links the gods to humanity. She travels with the speed of wind from one end of the world to the other,and into the depths of the sea and the underworld.

Q2.Which name famous in India (and to some extent worldwide) literally translates to "kid at home"?

Q3.Which famous chemical is measured in scientific units called "mouse units"?

Q4.What in this world works on the principles of "similia similibus curentur"?

Q5.Who is the youngest winner of the Bharat ratna?

Q6.In 1758, British General James Wolfe made the earliest recorded use of the word X to refer to people from what was to become the US, referring to the New England soldiers under his command as X.

Q7. Which capital city of India means "store house of a oily perfume tree"?

Q8.X in the advertisements. X was drawn and animated by Geoffry Morgan Pike and made his first appearance on Australian TV in 1957. In a jingle created by Bryce Courtenay it was used in animated TV commercials since 1962, claiming to be afraid of no-one.

Q9.The three boys are Brick,Boomer and Butch.What in the world of fiction am I talkin about?

Q10.For 20 years, Elihu X was part of the British East India Company, and he became the second governor of a settlement at Madras (now Chennai), India, in 1687, after Streynsham Master. He was instrumental in the development of the Government General Hospital, housed at Fort St. George. X amassed a fortune in his lifetime, largely through secret contracts with Madras merchants, against the East India Company's directive. By 1692, Elihu X's repeated flouting of East India Company regulations and growing embarrassment at his illegal profiteering resulted in his being relieved of the post of governor.He contributed a certain part of his fortune to X.What is X?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

General Quiz-11

Boost your General quizzing!

Q1.These are the following set of eight principles set forth for what?
Knowledge of Arabic
Mastery over the science of principles of jurisprudence
Sufficient knowledge of social realities
Mastery of the science of comparative religions
Mastery of the foundations of social sciences
Mastery of the science of Maqasid ash-Shari`ah (Objectives of Shari`ah)
Mastery of the science of Hadith
Mastery of legal maxims

Q2.Identify this famous sport which originated in Rome (need a specific name)

Q3.This organism is a source for a very famous dye which gets its name after this particular organism.Identify the dye.

Q4.The word derives from Latin which defines itself as, a particularly fine/smooth sand used to absorb blood in ancient arenas like the Colosseum in Rome.This is the origin of which word assosciated usually with either sports or fine arts.

Q5.Identify this instrument used in metallurgy.

Q6.This is the club badge of which famous FC?

Q7.Identify this world famous personality in the field of finance and economy.

Q8.Which famous city is named after her?

Q9.What is this the minimalist poster of?

Q10.This is the oreo ad for which so called occasion?


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