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Current Affairs Quiz

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Current affairs quiz

Watch out as we dish to you a quiz which spans 13 questions (the lucky number) on the news in the last two months let us see who reads their papers more thoroughly! Take the challenge!

Q1.Which famous person who passed away in the last month had described in his famous autobiography the atrocities he had to face when he was a child being a Dalit.He describes how they were not allowed to touch a glass in an exam and drink water as they would contaminate it.Which famous writer am I talking about?

Q2.THiNK is a literary event which is conducted by a company called thinkworks inc..The event is backed by X and the founder of X's relatives founded thinkworks.Which "sensational" organisation does X refer to?

Q3.Bent Larsen is a Danish author and has written an extremely famous book Find the plan.This book has been an inspiration and turning point for which world famous Danish man?

Q4.With hashtags saying #WeCantWait, the United Nations general assembly declared 19th November as what day ?

Q5.The Mumbai university on 16th December this year released a Ek Aatmachintan.It was written by justice D.Chandasheshekhar and edited by the chancellor of MU.What does the book deal with?

Q6.In Dresden ,Germany a group of scientists headed by Oliver Schidmt in Integrative Nanosciences created the first X which can swim through viscous fluids,they can help in medicine delivery and are completely harmless in nature thus advancing science by another degree .What was created?

Q7.If bossa nova and carnavalesca are the losers,who is the winner?

Q8.Indirect question: 
Centaurea cyanus, or the cornflower is the national flower of Germany and Estonia,but it recently gained fame because it was used as a pseudonym by a very famous person.Whom am I talking about?

Q9."Thanks for allowing me to start this wonderful second innings of my life and serve to the best of my ability. This is an innings that is really really important to me, so I will try my best".Who talking about what?

Q10.X was code named Baku.It literally translates to "As brave as the sun".Its motto is strike hard strike far.Launched on November 16th 2013,what am I talking about?

Q11. X was bouncer in a bar while visiting a working-class parish on the outskirts of Rome on Sunday.Recently coming in the newspapers with the headlines "If St.Peter guards the pearly gates, X guards bars".

Q12.On 29 November 2003 an event called the 46664 Concert was held at Green Point Stadium, Cape Town.  its goal was to raise awareness of the spread of HIV/AIDS in South Africa.Who heads it and give funda.

Q13.Give me the funda and details about this particular even and identify this man.
Post your answers in the comments below . The answers to this quiz would be posted in 3 days . It is not necessary for you to know all the answers . Singular/Multiple answers can be posted .

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  1. 12 funda is of nelson mandela. arrested in 64 and cell no 466.

    9 I think its either Dinesh Karthik's marriage or SRT's retirement.

    4 World Toilet Day

    2 Tehelka.

    13 maybe Kumbh Mela convener

  2. 13. Dr. K Radhakrishnan prays to Lord Venkateshwara at Tirumala ahead of launch of Mars Orbiter Mission
    8. Malala Yousafzhai
    5. Delhi rape case
    3. Magnus Carlsen
    11. Pope Francis

  3. i guess no. 7 is "brazuca".......all of these were the nominees for the name of the football to be used in Fifa World Cup 2014

  4. Answers-
    3.Magnus Carlsen
    4.World toilet day
    6.Sperm robot
    8.Malala Yousufazai
    9.Sachin with UNICEF
    10.INS Vikramaditya
    11.Pope francis
    12.Nelson Mandela,His prison number
    13.ISRO Chief in tirupati seeking blessings for mangalyaan.



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