Tuesday, December 31, 2013

General Quiz-15! The New Year Quiz!

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Here we have 13 questions to end the year.Try them out and wish you guys a happy new year!

Q1.This plant belongs to the fabacea family.The wood of this plant is durable and flexible,therefore it is used to make bows and other instruments.It derives its name from the bright red wood that the tree provides.The Portuguese noticed that the tree sparkles orange red and gave it the name X.Thus,the tree lends its name to one of the most famous countries of which it is native and is found in plenty along the coast line.

Q2.It was first held on the September 15th in Carpenters Hall.It consisted delegates from the 13 districts.It initially dealt with issues such as the Intolerable Act and the blockade at port of Boston.Which famous group am I talking about?

Q3.The reason why we here of X is that X was a blind giant who was in the service of Artemis.He began to like Artemis.Her brother Apollon tricked him and thus got him killed.Another story says Artemis killed X as he harassed her attendant Opius.Thus,X got a permanent place in the stars.Who am I talking about?

Q4.The treaties of Astrolabe is a book which tells us in detail about how to use the astrolabe.The book was written so that the authors son Lewis would know how to use it.Which famous person was the author of this treatise?

Q5.The word X literally means "a guardsmen" in Arabic and "seaman" in Portuguese.This word is used to refer to the boats men who were widely employed by the Britishers or Europeans in general.They recruited them as military men.Who am I referring to?

Q6.X was Y's constant companion and also supported his marriage to Khadijah.He was born in the year of the elephant,same as Y.He was Y's most famous companion and faithful from his four followers.Identify X and Y.

Q7.X is a sports bar that derives it's name from the rare feat in which a player steals forty bases and scores 40 home runs.It houses various baseball memorabilia and old baseball based momentos.It has been growing over the years and has a number of branches.Who is the owner of this bar-franchise?

Q8.X got the idea for Y when she saw a cat which had a squashed up face.She described that , "the poor cat was homeless and it looked like it had run into a wall".She claims that Y  is half Kneazle,an intelligent, cat who can detect when they are around untrustworthy people, explaining his higher than normal cat intelligence and stature.Who are X and Y,

Q9.X was founded by Indrani Mukerjea in 2007 through two companies.Their flagship product also named X,churns out Bollywood music and news and is broadcasted by zee network.

Q10.The video of the song X was based on the movie "28 days later".It features an actress from the movie too.At the beginning of the song it's creators wanted to subtly pay tribute to the song and mentioned its name.Which song am I talking about?

Q11.Which word does samosapedia define like this-
Big passtime game played by kids. Two people stand with their hands locked together above their heads and sing a song. The other kids pass from under that bridge and the one who gets caught (when the hands come down like a cage at the end of the song) is out.

Q12.X's great grandfather had travelled from Ireland to England where he set up his house and began to live there.He was a descendant Robert d'Isigny, a Frenchman who had travelled to England with William the Conqueror in 1066.Who is X?

Q13.Gordon Foster was an Irish computational engineer, statistician, professor, and college dean who is widely known for devising, in 1965 X in the trinity college.What did he develop?

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