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Texas Instruments Jack Kilby Science And Technology Quiz Prelims Chennai

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With Science quizzes round the corner , Quizpedia has decided to post the prelims of the Texas Instruments Jack Kilby Science and Technology Quiz .
            Jack Kilby Science and Technology Quiz 2012, Prelims  - Chennai
Archive compiled by: Abhinav Sridharan , Winner Ti Quiz 2012 , Chennai Region

1)What extinct animal is depicted in the illustrations given below?
(2 Word answer )

2)Identify the scientist in the picture

3)What is this Japanese technique of gardening trees as dwarves

4)What is this

5)Which part of the human body is divided into the crown and root?

6)The Holy basil comes in two varieties, Krishna(dark) and
Rama(light).What is the common name?

 7)Which ailment gets its name due its close association with coal,i.e.
the deformity resembles coal.

8)What term describes the EVA seen here.No need to expand EVA,just
mention the common term.

10)With which 9 letter word would you associate paper napkin,fountain
pen,nutrition of trees,blood circulation etc.

11)The picture show fields growing what plant?

12)With which 10 letter word will you associate the  pic?

13)They are heterokonts,come in varied sizes and are the food for most
marine animals.

 14) The name of this element in Ancient Greece was the name for the
planet Venus and is derived from the greek words which roughly
translates as light-bringer or light carrier
The discovery of this element is credited to the German
alchemist Hennig Brand in 1669 who obtained this salt from
experimenting with urine.

15)On Nov 2,1866 this patent was awarded to someone.Who?

16)This alloy has been made with the mixture of Tin,Copper and
Antimony.The objects shown below have been made using this
alloy.What’s the name of the alloy?

17)This is the tallest bird that can fly.Name it.

18)Identify the Ocean current.

19)On 16 June 1963 this textile mill worker and part-time parachutist
created a record.What is this record(name of person not required)

20)This kingdom classification in Greek mean ‘single or ‘solitary’.What
is the kingdom.

21)Name the only type of ape to be found in India

 22)Felix Hoffman developed this drug in 1899.It is a derivative of
salicyclic acid and was extracted from the bark of the willow tree.

23)Extracts of what?
 I swear by Apollo Physician and Asclepius and Hygieia and Panaceia
and all the gods and goddesses, making them my witnesses, that I will
fulfill according to my ability and judgment this oath and this covenant
If I fulfill this oath and do not violate it, may it be granted to me to
enjoy life and art, being honored with fame among all men for all time
to come; if I transgress it and swear falsely, may the opposite of all this
be my lot.

24)Identify this constellation which is referred to as the hunter.

25)This has been estimated to be a burial ground,observatory etc.The
pic given below is a computerrendering of the place.Identify

26)What disaster is this photo about?

27)The illustration below is a depiction of which automobile part?

28)This person received the Nobel Prize in 1902 while working on the
Indian Medical service for the isolation and transmission of a famous
disease.Name him(Hint first name and surname start with the same

29)The aircraft and the river formation have been named after this
Greek alphabet.What is the alphabet?

30)Fill in the insect body part. Head,_______,Abdomen

31)Plumbum was the older name of which element?
32)This is a visual showing the mechanism of?


1)Woolly Mammoth. No points for Mammoth, Giant Mammoth etc
2)Marie Curie
7)Anthrax(From Anthracite)
9)Grizzly Bear
15)Karl Benz, for the first car.
17)Sarus Crane
18)Labrador Current
19)First woman to go to space(Valentina Tereshkova)
21)Hoolock Gibbon
23)Hippocratic Oath
26)Challenger Space Shuttle Crash
28)Roland Ross
30)Thorax 31)Lead
32)Watch/Clock/Chronograph etc.
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