Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Techpedia-TCS IT WIZ

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Q1.Expand the word RFID.


Q3What in the world of technology was made by IBM by a team headed by Rey Johnson?

Q4.In 2006 X designed an ERP system for the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation.Which company am I talking about?


Q6.X is a social networking website that opened in September 2009. X is based in Chicago, Illinois and is operated by Jeff Knize. The website allows users the chance to provide their standard updates with 155 character updates, slightly longer than most other microblogging websites. This is a form of microblogging that enables users to connect people with similar interests.Identify X.

Q7.mike mccue is behind which world famous social networking aggregation software?

Q8.On November 7, 2006, Sony Ericssonannounced they had agreed (in principle) to buy X from Symbian Ltd. and run it as a separate subsidiary. The X products would be "openly available, licensed on equal terms to all its licensees.Identify X.

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