Monday, September 23, 2013

Mega quiz results and answers!

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Q1.Identify this creature

Q2.Give me its name
Answer is.....
The george bush hat! (One of the toughies!)

Ans.The wonka bars!

Q4.What in this world works on the principles of "similia similibus curentur"?
Answer is....

Q5.X did not exist in its current form until 1950, the functional component was invented by Albert C. Carter, who was inspired by a spirit writing device that was used by his mother, Mary, a Cincinnati clairvoyant. When store owner Max Levinson was approached by Carter about stocking the device, he called in his brother-in-law Abe Bookman, a graduate of Ohio Mechanics Institute. In 1944, Carter filed patent for his device, assigning it to Bookman, Levinson, and another partner in what came to be Alabe Crafts, Inc. (Albert and Abe) in 1946. Under the Alabe name, they marketed and sold the device

Answer is.....
Magic 8 ball

Q6.The bone gets its name from Latin for a clasp or brooch as it resembles them.Name this bone.

Answer is....

Q7.What is this?

Answer is.....
Hannukah bush! for what?
Answer is.....
The PSP!

Q9.These were found excessively in the USA in the 1900s and were in rampant use in the entertainment industry thus giving birth to a very popular name in the US.Id the name.
Answer is....
Tinsel behind tinsel town!

Q10.Name the lasso
Answer is...lasso of truth

Answer is....
The granita!

Q12.What famous device people use as babies was invented by andré cassagnes?

Answer is.....
Etch-a-sketch !

Q13.whats being shown here?
Answer is.....
The Aswan dam!


Answer is.....
Vicky donor minimalist poster! (With nike)

Q15.Meat of which animal?sold by Amazon.

Answer is.....

Our top 5 winners are-

 1.Vijay Singh....with 14 points!
 2.Shalini S. .....with 13.5 points!
 3.Dibyendu Mishra .....with 13 points!
 4.Saarthak Sachdeva....with 12 points!
 5.Tapan Sharma.....with 12 points too!

 Great job guys!

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