Friday, March 28, 2014

Finance Quiz-1

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Test your financial acumen by answering these questions!
Q1.X is very skeptical about about the brics alliance thus he gave a very famous cover story known as “Broken BRICs, Why the Rest Stopped Rising’ which famous financial am I referring to here?

Q2.Banco Brasileiro de Descontos founded by Amador Aguiar in the city of Marília in the state of São Paulo. The bank targets small landowners, retailers, and government employees.Founded in March 1934,which bank am I talking about?

Q3.While maintaining a ledger account,there is input of debit and credit high makes the account resemble something,thus giving the name to this accounting jargon.What name or term am I referring to?

Q4.X means "endow with rights" .It also has a German origin which means "to protect".X is basically a document which endows the holder of a particular stock or index with a guarantee or a fixed price for a given time period.

Q5.Easiest one in the set-
X are certain means funds which aim at protection and goodwill,such as copyrights or any 
intellectual property.They literally mean things which cannot be touched.Which word am I talking about?

Q6.What are these points enlisted below called:
a.Traditional society
b.Preconditions for take-off
d.Drive to maturity
e.Age of High mass consumption

Q7.Payment of money in installments generally for loans is given a very specific term.What is it called?

Q8.X is a company based in Mumbai, which is funded by American blue hip company,Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers.It aims to change Indian banking by introducing new connectivity based protocol methods for transfer of money.Identify this group.

Q9.Identify this influential Indian economist who deals with the concept of Agro economics,social economics and women upliftment.

Q10.X is a general economics theory where,a particular trend or fad is utilized in order to favour the growth of a company or a product.What is this effect called?

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  1. 2 bradesco
    4 stock certificate
    5 intangible assets/funds
    6 business growth/business cycle
    7 not sure if its for a loan but technically speaking it should be equated monthly instalment
    9 no picture and agro-eco so have to go for MS-S

  2. Great job Lucky!
    1.Ruchir Sharma
    2.Banco Bradesco
    5.Intangible assets
    6.Rostow's Stages of growth
    8.Bharatiya Mahila bank
    9.Bina Agarwal
    10.Bandwagon effect



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