Sunday, February 8, 2015

General Quiz

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Q1.Name this font created recently named after a famous Indian.

Q2.The Mark series,Encore series,Amigo,Grand,Classic and ISZ are few models.TopGear named it as the Best Vehicle in a particular category beating Mercedes E class,Volkswagen Beetle and Toyota Hi Ace.What am I taking about?

Q3.In the 1980s when the concept of Skyscrapers was new,a number of people reported that they felt extensively bored on their slow journey from the ground floor to the higher floors in the elevator.What was installed in the elevators which killed this boredom and thus became common in most elevators?

Q4.Louis Reard named his world famous product after the location where the test nuclear bomb was detonated.He chose the name because he wanted the product to be as explosive and famous as the nuclear bomb.What am I referring to?

Q5.When the positive market curve gets more deep it satisfies many economists as it is the sign for a better stock market.They have named this curve after a very famous celebrity as a reference to her rear end,give me the name of the curve or celebrity.

Q6.X was first created in China and was used to write a number of manuscripts.Its primary ingredients were made in India by burning old bones.It was later introduced in India and was used to write the Jain and Buddhist texts.It is used in tatooing,medicine and various other ways.

Q7.The modern version of this became popular after world war 2 used by the japanese known as Japanese Zori.The name in India and Pakistan is erroneously interpreted as to have hailed from a small island state in the US,and literal translates to air slip ons.They are called thongs in Australia,[2] jandals (short for "Japanese sandals") in New Zealand, slops in South Africa.,[3] and tsinelas in Philippines (in some Visayan localities as "smagul", from the word smuggled).

Q8.It is the last version of the three.The first is "Freedom is peril.Defend it with  all your might"
The second version is "Your courage,cheerfulness,resolution will bring us victory."What is the third most famous one?

Q9.These inspired what?

Q10.First documented use of what?

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  1. 1.Mahatmas Glasses
    2.Hindustan Ambassadors
    5.J lo
    6.India Ink
    7.Hawai Chappal
    8.Keep Calm and Carry on
    9.Winnie the Pooh



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