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The Strategist Quiz (#326)

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The Strategist Quiz (#326)

Source: The Business Standard

Q1. During WWII, the Allied powers, ready to invade France had problems navigating the country as the Axis powers had destroyed all road signs. Deeming this entity's maps most dependable, a special edition of its 1939 guide was reprinted for the soldiers. Whose maps did they use?

 Answer: The Michelin Guide (for restaurants)

Q2. This company began life in 1929 when Radio Corporation of America formed a UK subsidiary, to support the country's growing cinema industry. In the early 1960s the company won a maintenance contract for the UK Ballistic Missile Early Warning System at a Royal Air Force (RAF) base in the UK. Today it is one of the big names in the Global BPO industry space. Name it.

Answer: Serco Group plc (

Q3. During the 1880s a company founded by two American pharmacists in the UK trademarked a word coined by them. This word gained importance more with the fourth estate and is commonly used in its industry. Mention the term and the company that trademarked it.

Answer: Word - “Tabloid”, a blend of the words “tablet” and “alkaloid”, to denote the firm’s pills
Company: Burroughs Wellcome and Company (today it is known as GlaxoSmithKline plc (GSK))

Q4. In the late 1780s a theatre owner from Bath in UK organised a rapid carriage service to transport actors and props between theatres. This practice of his lead to the first of its kind service in the world. Name it.

 Answer: Rapid coach service (later it was used in Mail Delivery Service)

Q5. What is the term being used colloquially in the business world to describe a product-focused strategy that combines hardware, software, and services in a bundle for customers?

 Answer: The Steve Jobs approach. Also known as Product bundling.

Q6. Which entrepreneur said this "Business opportunities are like buses, there's always another one coming"

 Answer: Sir Richard Branson

Q7. Where in the world would you find a pizza restaurant that delivers pizzas to far flung customers in its country by air?

 Answer: Located near the Nome airport in Alaska is a pizza restaurant named Airport Pizza. The pizza parlor is famous for its use of Bering Air flights to deliver pizza for free to far-flung Alaskan villages.

Q8. What is the term used to describe a person who spends large proportion of his or her total income on home ownership, including loan payments, property taxes, maintenance and utilities and have trouble meeting other financial obligations?

Answer: House Poor

Q9. Which brand uses the baseline "This is life"?

Answer: Scullers

Q10. Identify the company from its logo and mention the name it has given its retail chain. It also has its own company anthem and official ringtone.

Answer: National Textile Corporation Limited
 Retail chain: Indian Republic

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