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TCS IT Wiz Prelims, Hyderabad - 2016

7:28 PM

1.Which hyderabad startup's name when translated to English means "our right"? <Some More Clues>

Ans. SaddHaq

2.The term was originally coined by Michael Mauldin.It's a software which generates an instant reply. It is designed to answer like a Human.

Ans. Chatterbot

3. Who wrote the book Business @ the speed of though?

Ans. Bill Gates

4. Formed originally to offer research and analysis to United States Armed forces,  this company literally gets its name from research and development?


5.The inventor , John Shepherd-Barron, had at first envisioned a six-digit numeric code, but his wife could only remember four digits, and that has became the most commonly used length in many places, although banks in Switzerland and many other countries require a six digit X. What am I talking about?

Ans. ATM Pin.

6. Id

Hint: He is the founder of

Ans. Sanjeev Bhikchandani

7. Founder of which very big news app in India?

Ans. inshorts

8.Which country joined the internet in 1996 with three networks namely Raphael, Miched,  Gabriel?
Hint :  Focus on the name

And. Vatican City

9.Richard Wurman is credited with the Idea of what? This site is mainly credited with discussions on Hot Topics and "Ideas worth spreading" ?

Ans. TED

10.If  a startup valued at One Billion $ is called a unicorn, what is the name given to startups valued at over 10 Billion $?

And. Decacorn

11. One of the great creation legends of game design is that Toru Iwatani, while eating a pizza, looked down at the pie with a missing slice and used the outline as inspiration for  distinctive shape in the game. The story was furthered by Iwatani himself; when the game's  fever was at its height, he even posed with a half-eaten pizza for a publicity photograph. "In Japanese, the character for mouth [kuchi] is a square shape. It's not circular like the pizza, but I decided to round it out," he said. And thus, the game was born. Which game?

And. Pacman

12. Beth Comstack, Jason Kilar created which online service? It also derive The name  from two Mandarin Chinese word "calabash; bottle gourd" and of which The secondary meaning is "interactive recording". The founders saw both definitions as appropriate bookends and highly relevant to the mission of.

Ans. Hulu

13. Which controversial website publishes new leaks, secretive and confidential government information and has been held responsible for leaking of many of the secrets of Worldwide governments? It has been highly criticized by the US Government and many other governments worldwide. (Incomplete Question)

Ans. Wikileaks 

14. Who's first tweet?s
Ans. Pope Francis (The name wasn't displayed though)


Hint : If you use apple, you definitely should know this one.

Ans. Hon Hai (Foxconn)

16. X was launched on August 12, 1998, as a spare-time project by Senh Duong. His goal in creating X was "to create a site where people can get access to reviews from a variety of critics in the U.S.

Hint : It uses the name of a vegetable


17.This award is given to the best startups. Techcrunch sponsors it. Which awards?

Ans. Crunchies

18.This company was founded by two former employees from XEROX Parc as InterPress?We use a lot of their softwares for designing purposes.

Ans. Adobe

19. Which company?

Ans. Free Software Foundation

20. Logo of?

Ans : Apple Inc.

I have tried to compile questions as per the details given by Syed, the Winner of the Hyderabad Rounds and tried to make it as close as it was. Do write to us if you find any corrections. 

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