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Tech Quiz (14.8.2016)

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TCS IT Wiz,one of the biggest technology quizzes is going on ,you can test yourselves here as we present to you our new tech quiz.

Q1.Which astromechnaical droid was voiced by this great man who died yesterday?

Q2.Elisa is a Finnish company which was earlier known as HPY HTF and prior to that as X.During the period it was called X it was involved in a massive contribution in the world of mobile communication.What is its old name and its contribution?

Q3.This is a new campaign called 'From Cave to Keyboard' launched by X using emojis as a way to transcend borders and unite people all over the world.Name the company .

Q4.Name this new software and the other famous creation by the people who created this software.

Q5."Torpedo Technology" is a missile guiding technology used by Submarines and aeroplanes to direct their artillery.Recently, this technology has been put to use in a novel way in Australia for a completely different field where is it being used?

Q6.The plot of which FPS involves the protagonist going and fighting the forces of Hell which includes "Demons" and the "Undead" as a common factor in all the games. This game has also been adapted into novels by Dafydd ab Hugh and Brad Linaweaver. The books, listed in order, are titled Knee Deep in the DeadHell on EarthInfernal Sky and Endgame.Which popular game from id software am I talking about?

Q7.Norbert Wiener coined the term and defined X in 1948 as "the scientific study of control and communication in the animal and the machine." The word X comes from Greek word meaning "governance", i.e., all that are pertinent to ,the latter meaning "to steer, navigate or govern", hence , meaning "government", with its derivatives meaning the government and also the governor or the captain.

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