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TCS IT Wiz Bengaluru Prelims - 2016

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      NOTE:   We do not have all the questions and have tried to compile as many as possible. 
1. X was founded by David Back and Greg Moran in February 2013 in Bangalore, India. X is a car  rental service

Ans.  Zoomcar

2. X is a self-contained, open hardware Linux-based handheld computer, first released in 2002. Developed in, and primarily distributed within India, the product was envisioned as a low-cost alternative to personal computers. It was developed by Dr Swam Manohar

Ans. Simputer

3.  Google doodle on whom?

Ans. Pandit Ravishankar

4.Larry Ewing created Tux for what?
Image result for larry ewing tux for linux

Ans. Linux

5.Media players like I-Phones, I-Pods and other hand-held devices started going missing in the US and the sudden rise in robbery of such goods was given a particular term. What is this term?

Ans. I-Crimes

6.This is the Photograph of the first X created by Douglas Englebart?
Image result for photograph of the first mouse

Ans. Computer Mouse

7.  Old logo of what?(Of course the name blanked out)
Image result for nokia's old logo

Ans. Nokia


9. The word from the world of Hike, which is equivalent of Poke on Facebook?

Ans. Nudge

10.Applying thought is associated with which company?
(Not really sure about this question)

Ans. Wipro

Q Who Clicked the first ever selfie from space?
Ans Buzz Aldrin

Qn on Sabeer Bhati

Qn on Paypal

Qn on Rovio...

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